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A Note From The Author

I always liked to play make-believe and writing fiction seemed like a natural progression in my life. What started out as a little girl imagining that all those hidden nooks and crannies in my back yard were castles and mansions, evolved into a teenager wanting to become an actress, and ended up turning into a young woman writing romance novels.

I have an Associate’s Degree in Theatre Arts, and was a volunteer firefighter for over a decade. Married for 44 years to my high-school sweetheart, we are the proud parents of two sons, two daughters-in-law and the very happy grandparents to six adorable grandkids. After living in upstate NY for the better part of my life, my husband and I packed it in moving to the San Francisco Bay area. We were there for three years and then we packed again moving back to New York State. After a decade of living downstate, we have finally settled back upstate in the lovely Saratoga region.

The First Novel

I sold my first novel, an historical romance titled Mountain Jewel, the original title was Adirondack Jewel, on 9/9/99 to Kensington Publishing! Remember that was the day everyone thought all the computers were going to crash! Since then, I’ve written books for half a dozen publishers, and my books are now available in print, audio, eBooks and foreign editions. My books have been a finalist in several prestigious Romance Writers of America contests. The National Excellence in Romance Fiction, The Greater Detroit’s Booksellers Best and the National Reader’s Choice Awards.


  • Harlequin, Waterfall Press
  • Brilliance Publishing Audio
Agent Representation: 
  • Michelle Grajkowski Three Seas Literary Agency


Professional Organizations:

  • The founding President of the Capital Region Romance Writers of America
  • Faith, Hope and Love Christian Writers
  • Novelist Inc
  • American Christian Fiction Writers
  • Author’s Guild

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